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MediSys electronic signature system adheres strictly to HHS's proposed digital signature standards which incorporates three mandatory technical features or technologies:

  • Nonrepudiation, which would block a sender's false denial that he or she signed a particular message, thus enabling the recipient to easily prove that the sender actually did sign the document.
  • User authentication, a technology that would authenticate the signer's identity at the time the electronic signature is generated.
  • Message integrity, a feature that would not only bind a signature to a document but also show that the document had not been altered after the signature had been affixed to it. If the document is altered, then the signature would be invalidated.

Because these technical features explicitly required in the electronic signature law, HCO�s can use MediSys MDsign� electronic signatures for contracts, patient forms and other electronic documents which lacking those features.

A busy physician can sit at comfort of his or her home , review his/her documents and sing off on their records not tying up their valuable time for administrative purposes rather than being what they are supposed to be a �physician� MDsign gives a chance to review their dictated records and sign off on them at their own comfort than doing otherwise and getting subjected risks.

A time saving phenomenon for MEDICAL RECORDS. No more chasing or waiting for their physicians to sign off on the printed records. By using Medisys MDsign electronic records for medical record administrators it will spare them tons of paperwork and records storage headaches which in turn cuts the cost of administration more than 40%.

A authenticated document can now move within seconds to other divisions