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Medi Tech Information Systems flagship Doctrack� is a world-class software system empowering Healthcare organizations to gain a competitive edge by making corporate information work for them By utilizing the latest Internet hosted technology.

  • The �Internet Word Document Processor Application� is an Internet application that allows users to be able to communicate each other through a web server, viewing Microsoft Word format documents, and editing them remotely and saving them back to the server. It also provides other functions related to Microsoft Word documents such as printing documents, emailing them and so on.
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  • The �Microsoft Word� is one of most popular word processors because it can be easily used to create a profession-quality document. Usually a word document stored in a web server can be viewed by users through a web browser, but it can not be edited by users remotely, especially can not be saved back to the server while still keeping the document in the original Microsoft Word format. The �Internet Word Document Processor Application� is designed in such way that fully combines the advantages of the �Microsoft Word� profession-quality and an Internet transfer protocol, which remotely connected and communicated.