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Today's healthcare facilities are focused on securing their financial success and the health information management department represents a major cost center. The MediSys Doctrack System allows hospitals and clinics to proactively address this area by providing a framework for profitability. MediSys Doctrack impacts costs and productivity by greatly reducing your physician/Medical Records division time spent on paperwork, thereby decreasing administrative costs and increasing time available for patient care.

Why Medisys?

Highly Competitive

The medical transcription industry is highly competitive and fragmented, pitting literally thousands of small local and regional service providers against a few large national transcription services providers.

Manage End-to-End Workflow

Another significant challenge for health information management personnel is managing the end-to-end workflow of the dictation/transcription process. Most facilities are forced to deal with multiple vendors, some focused on the dictation equipment, and the rest focused on the transcription process. Interoperability between these two types of systems is usually accomplished by "getting a phone line." Each system traditionally keeps track of its own workload, but tracking jobs end-to-end across multiple systems is extremely difficult, at best. MediSys can help you successfully meet these challenges: we have the technology and outsourcing services required to make the transition smooth and seamless.

Skilled Practitioners

As the demand for transcription services grows, along with increasingly demanding physicians, payers and consumers, it will continue to put pressure on the limited pool of highly skilled practitioners. This shortage of qualified transcriptionists puts continuing upward pressure on wages and benefits, causing a higher than normal turnover rate as institutions and services compete for these prized resources. Meeting compliance obligations with the approaching HIPAA regulations on privacy and security will only add to the challenge

MediSys Technology for Healthcare Industry

MediSys has developed and maintains sophisticated Internet-enabled transcription technology that provides electronic document creation and management for your healthcare information needs. MediSys flagship Doctrack� is a world-class software system empowering Healthcare organizations to gain a competitive edge by making corporate information work for them By utilizing the latest Internet hosted technology, it integrates dictation capture, routing, workflow management, transcription, speech recognition and document delivery. We put the power of a global infrastructure to work for your organization while tailoring our efforts to meet specific requirements. Because of our scalable technology and large national network of services, MediSys is rapidly becoming the outsourcing partner of choice for both small and large healthcare systems across the country. MediSys solution delivers accurate and timely outsourced transcription while providing you with end-to-end management of medical information.


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