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MediSys Pocket Recorder PDA

MediSys introduces a dictation solution for dictators who own a Pocket PC.

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MediSys PocketRecorder is a software program that allows a PDA running Microsoft PocketPC operating system to have all the recording features necessary for dictation. The software allows a user to record, play, pause, rewind and fast forward. PocketRecorder supports multiple users and creates voice files with unique file names. The software will record voice files in a compact .wav format suitable for Internet transfer. PocketRecorder enables a user to access all PDA computer functions and eliminates the need for a separate digital dictation recorder, all in one handheld device.


The MediSys PocketRecorder enables the external buttons on the Pocket PC to be programmed for record, rewind/play, and stop. This way, the user is not dependent on the stylus to control the dictation functions. There is also a lock feature to prevent the program from recording while in a pocket or lab coat.

Internet or Email File Transfer

The PocketRecorder easily integrates with DocShuttle Management software for secure Internet transfer or voice files can be emailed directly from the PDA using a built-in email option.

PocketRecorder will store voice files to any folder on the Pocket PC. This includes external storage cards such as CompactFlash built into the Pocket PC. Files may also be synchronized to a desktop PC using Microsoft's ActiveSync software or PocketRecorder file sync software. This will allow a Pocket PC that is set in a docking station to automatically transfer files to the desktop pc without needing to be converted.

Summary of Software Features:
Record, play, pause, rewind, ffwd functions
One handed recording
Saves files to any directory including memory card
Files created with unique file names
Prevents recording over previous dictation
Button functions for record, play/rewind and stop
Compatible with DocShuttle File Transfer system
Sends recordings as email attachments
Synchronizes voice files with PC
Small program size on PDA
Creates separate user profiles for different users
Small voice file size for Internet transfer
Creates .wav files using standard CODECs
System Requirements:
PocketPC, Pocket PC2002, or PocketPC 2003
150KB Storage
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