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MediSys Information Systems flagship Doctrack´┐Ż is a world-class software system empowering Healthcare organizations to gain a competitive edge by making corporate information work for them By utilizing the latest Internet hosted technology, it integrates dictation capture, automated document routing, instant voice access, workflow management, transcription, speech recognition and web based document delivery or interface to customers Electronic Medical Record system.

Doctrack Enterprise Platform  


Enhanced Document Search capabilities

Browser based Access to Voice /Word files along with Patient demographics with dictation and report date

Extremely rich reporting capabilities satisfying HIPAA requirements

A word document can be edited in the browser and saved right onto the web server a technology we are proud to achieve. This gives immense security to the document not being stored in local machine or any other storage space

Multiple reports can be selected from the Doctrack and can be printed at the client site depending upon the Security and accesses authority

Proven HL7 bi-directional interfaces. Upload reports to mainframe hospital or radiology information systems. Populate EMR systems without orphan records and integrate with deficiency systems, even passing through complete/incomplete status flags

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Doctrack Enterprise Platform
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